June 26, 2011

Hacker News has recently had a series of posts which have chatted about LulzSec and their various activities. One which caught my eye was on CloudFlare which had been used by LulzSec, and had helped their site weather the storm of DDOS' aimed against it by rival/opposing groups. The original post at the CloudFlare blog was quite a good read.

It passionately describes what role CloudFlare see for themselves, in terms of defending the freedom of expression of the owners of websites they accelerate. Whilst an interesting read in itself, it also made me quite keen to try our CloudFlare on websites I run to see whether it does indeed make the speed gains that they claim - '... twice as fast and be protected from a number of security threats ranging from comment spam to DDoS attacks'. I'm going to try it out over the coming weeks and see whether it lives up to that claim, if so, thats a great result!