Bitbucket, Github and Git

October 16, 2011

When I started out with using DCVSs, I started with mercurial (more out of chance than any particularly rational choice). I switched over to git due to the growing popularity of Github, and the ease of using their hosting for my public repositories. Since I’m a student I have the free upgrade to the bottom-rung paid account whilst in education. With the addition of git support to BitBucket however, I’ve decided to review my options.

Until now I have had to maintain my own gitosis installation on a server in order to host private config settings, or non-public projects - some web development projects, and the code for this blog. Github’s pricing, on number of repositories, rather than the number of contributors, is not an ideal match for my workflow, especially since for many of the private repositories I’m an only contributor.

Whilst some people may say that this is against the spirit of FOSS, some of the repositories are not really things I would publish - website bits, exported drupal features, notes for my degree - which I wouldn’t put in the public domain - especially not given the state that they are in! However, they are projects that I still want version controlled, and appreciate having them stored somewhere online which I can fetch easily - preferably without the overhead of needing to maintain a server.

The addition of Git support by Bitbucket, who have a much more private-centric repository model, and more suitable pricing structure appears a no-brainer. Since Github has considerable mindshare, I shall maintaining my account there, and will continue to use it for any public-facing repositories, but for private repositories, it’s Bitbucket all the way!