Why no comments?

December 24, 2011

Something @doismellburning asked me after my last post on moving to Github pages was:

‘Nice. Does that mean you can’t have commenting though?’ (here).

First, an answer: Yes. Using a service such as Disqus, would enable me to have comments, and still maintain my page as a flat HTML file on Github. Several other people hosting Jekyll-generated blogs use Disqus, and had I the urge to enable comments, that would be my method of choice.

I don’t have comments on this blog for the simple reason that I don’t feel that they are necessary. I have a quite small, nomadic readership and the contribution comments would bring, not to mention their additional administrative overhead, is probably quite small.

In a previous incarnation of this blog on Wordpress, with comments, the vast majority were spam. The non-spam ones were all of the kind which could be sent to me via other accessible services (@jvc26, Github, email etc.). Comments in and of themselves did not add much to the site, and increased the time commitment to spamfilter.

Finally, even with non-spam comments, discussions require good moderation to keep them away from the slide to flaming/anarchy. In this case, I would rather concentrate on the content of my posts than add moderation and spamfiltering to my relatively limited free time!