Vundle: vim-pathogen improved!

January 12, 2012

When perusing the HackerNews thread on vim-powerline today, I found two new great vim plugins for the price of one! vim-powerline generates a really nice coloured vim statusline and, in the comments, I found gmarik’s vundle.

Vundle can be summarised as a combination of the best of vim-pathogen, and the ease of ruby’s bundler. It simplifies adding new vim plugins to a line in your .vimrc, and a call to :BundleInstall. The plugin is cloned from its git repository, and hooked up to vim. As a result, I’ve been able to eliminate a whole chunk of git submodules from my dotfiles repository, giving me a tidier setup, and gives me a really simple method to install, update, and manage vim plugins.

Full documentation can be found in the git repository, or in the README. All told, a great plugin, and it has really simplified my git/dotfile setup (which, incidentally, can be found here).