Ensuring broken builds fail

February 23, 2013

As a correction to Jenkins configuration for Django projects, it should be noted that the ‘one-build-step’ method previously described in that page actually fails to correctly detect failed builds, due to the fact the final step in the script exits 0.

Edit: A neat addition from @richardwhiuk via github is to use the -xe flags to bash, which ensure that broken builds exit with a non-zero status, as well as giving more verbose output for debugging.

Consequently, a better solutions is to use the following multi-step approach:

#!/bin/bash -xe
virtualenv /tmp/$BUILD_TAG
source /tmp/$BUILD_TAG/bin/activate
pip install --use-mirrors -q -r requirements.txt

And then:

#!/bin/bash -xe
source /tmp/$BUILD_TAG/bin/activate
python manage.py jenkins

Which will fail correctly when asked. You can then use the Post Build Script plugin to handle cleanup, which will run regardless of whether builds pass or fail. This can then be used to remove the virtualenv for that build:

#!/bin/bash -xe
rm -rf /tmp/$BUILD_TAG

This correction has also been applied to the prior post.

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