This blog belongs to James Clemence Doctor, Lacrosse Player, Web designer. Web design projects including Cambridge Medicine Journal and FrancesVerityPerspectives. The blog has no comments, which is quite intentional, should you wish to get in contact, you can contact me via the details on that page.


Pages are generated using Jekyll, a static site generator. I use scss and compass to generate my css, and use the 960 grid system for layout. I run Ubuntu Oneiric on the desktop, which I use for university work and development in my spare time.


This blog is hosted via Github Pages, and the source for the site can be found at Github. When changes are made to the scss, the css is built before upload to Github - a great feature would be being able to have it build remotely too!

Web standards

The blog adheres to web standards, and should validate correctly as HTML5. The CSS should also validate successfully, should there be any issues, please let me know.